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Random Generation Postal Project
Theme: We would like to set up a project that enables people to 'generate' a random address for them to write to. The big idea is to send people letters, and receive letters yourself. You won't know this person but they may have something interesting to say, they may not. We think it will be fun, who knows what will happen?
We will create a website that anyone can join. After an individual joins, a random address from those submitted will be provided. This will be the address the new member will write to. Those who join will also be able to create a profile to which they can upload/scan in received letters.
From this archive of people's posts, we would like to create a publication, which could be in the form of a magazine or a book. If the project grows to be very popular, we would like to publish yearly annuals.
FIRST AND FOREMOST! We thought it would be a grand idea to have an event of address swapping, to start the ball rolling, and to begin our archiving of addresses for the random generator.
Media/Size: Postcards can be of any size and contain any
artwork/text/visuals but must have your postal address on them.
Exhibition: Your postcards/addresses will be exhibited at an event in York, England (date TBA). People who attend the event will choose an address from the exhibition-style event, and they will send you a letter!
Documentation: We will post everything we have received, and the pics of the event via our tumblr page;
Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

Send your postcard to any of the following addresses:

Flat 4a Low Ousegate

47 Elm Road
Burscough, Ormskirk
L40 7RJ, UK

59-61 Sunderland St., Unit 8
Macclesfield, Chesire
SK11 6HN, UK