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Mail-art project “The Alexandrov Kremlin is 500”

Mail-art is an art of envelope and postcard designing. An artistic work in mail-art is an envelope or a postcard which is painted, glued over or even created manually. The completed work is the one that has passed through the mail, acquiring stamps, postmarks, and post office workers. Experiments are welcomed, but the work should not offend viewers’ feelings. Please, do not send swearing and bombs!
The project is dedicated to the coming 500th anniversary of the Alexandrov Kremlin, which is going to be celebrated in 2013. Therefore all postage messages should be devoted to this event. Venerable artists and mail art beginners are invited to participate in the project. The works are not valued or returned. Your works will be received till June 30th, 2013. All works will be published on the site

The final exhibition based on the results of the project will take place at the museum “Alexandrovskaya Sloboda” in the anniversary year.

Note: Mail-art is a non-profit art. That’s why it cannot be bought but it can be sent or received.

Please, send your works for the project “The Alexandrov Kremlin is 500” here:

Eduard Egorov

Flat 61, No. 14, Sosnovskiy pereulok


Vladimirskaya region

Russia, 601655


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