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Universe of Cordel Literature
Theme: International Exhibition of Mail Art and illustration on the theme of the exhibition in Brazil "Universe of Cordel Literature" at la Maison du Livre de Saint Gilles. In the framework Europalia - Brazil and the Brazilians III Biennial Arts in Brussels, October 2011. Cordel literature, is one of the major expressions of Brazilian popular narrative. It is found especially in north-eastern
Brazil. Presented as "folhetos" (slips) written in verse, which are sold in public places, usually suspended from ropes (Corda) U's name. The cordel is a world of wealth extraordinaire. Le cordel is speaking has spread across the Northeast by "trovadores (or troubadours), who distrust and improvise to the accompaniment of the viola (guitar exuberant-sounding).
Topics: What 'lon request is for artists to illustrate the themes used in the literature of cordel format postcard: magic and the wonderful, imaginative stories that speak of princes, fairies, dragons and enchanted realms, heroic, comic or satirical romance, religious information. Search on google Brasil "Click" Cordel "and" imagens ".
No. of items: 3 max
Technique: collage, drawing painting, graffiti, xilogravura, photo, or verse if you're feeling poetic
Size: 10x15 cm
Exhibition: Maison du Livre de Saint Gilles, Brussels
Warning: Under the rules of international mail art: no returns
Exhibition: Maison du Livre de Saint Gilles,
Please include your name, country, web site, e-mail
Support: Europalia Book House, Biennale des Artes Brazilians Brussels, Embassy of Brazil, Ministry relações Exteriores.
Curator: Inez Oludé da Silva
Third Biennial of Brazilian Arts 2011 Brussels Web site:
Know Europalia:
Deadline for receiving cards: September 20, 2011

Rue Saint Bernard, 17- bte 54
1060 Bruxelles