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Where do you belong?
Theme: At Zionsville High School, we are doing a project for our Photography 3 class where we have to spread the word about an exhibit we will be having at school. This will be a student run event, and we need your help in order to make this exhibit possible and fantastic! The theme is: "Where do you belong?" Tell us where you belong (in society, the world, where you want to live, etc.). Be Creative! Our goal as art students in our Photography 3 class, is to see how people are drawn into art, and how we can connect everyone in the world through global culture! So, if you don't mind, tell us where the post card is coming from, what country and city! We will have a map up with pins in it to show where the cards have been sent from!
Size/Media/Technique: handmade postcard (4x6). Doodle, draw, paint, write, take pictures, etc. and put your ideas and words on a 4 x 6 note card or plain postcard. You can send in as many postcards as you want, (the more the merrier!). (PLEASE NOTE: YOU CAN SEND YOUR MAIL ART IN AS ANONYMOUS IF YOU PREFER!)
Exhibition: Jan 10 - 14, 2011
Deadline for submission: December 17, 2010

Photography 3 c/o Mandy Jared
Zionsville High School
1000 Mulberry St.
Zionsville, IN 46077