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4 Senses
Theme: Nonprofit institution of disabled people of Samara region, "The Center of Social Initiatives", invites you to participate in a mail-art project. The theme is "4 Senses". Most people usually have 5 basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The visual sense is by far the most critical because it gives us the majority of information about our environment. There are colorful ads, shop windows, colored walls, vivid buses and trams around us. There is a lot of visual information so we often pay a little attention to it. But the people who lack sight usually have only four
base sensations. How does one live without this critical sensory ability?
Please submit mail art that reflects your interpretation of the world of the blind.
Size/Technique: free.
Artwork should be sent via post, but not in an envelope. No copies, no E-mail contribution please.
No jury, no returns.
Exhibition: we are planning to make a mobile exhibition in organizations and public places of Togliatti city. Also we
will make a negotiations about making an exhibition in other Russian cities.
Documentation: if the project is successful then a catalog printing is planned and participants will receive documentation in 2011.
All works received will be published in project's blog:
Deadline to be received: March 1, 2011.

4 Senses
P.O. box 5154
445040, Togliatti, Samara obl.