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The Florence Cassez Mail Art Support Project

Theme: Justice, Freedom - Postcards should bear the mention : «Florence is onschuldig» (Florence is innocent)

Our Goal: To raise awareness and support for Florence Cassez in the region of Wervik, and around the world. To engage participants in a reflexion over the importance of freedom and the need of an honest justice.
Size: Postcard, maximum size 10,5 x 21 cm or US half letter.
Technic: Free: Drawing, collage, calligraphy, stamp, painting, etc.
Participation: Open to all.
Deadline: December 31 2010
Rules: No Jury, No price, No return
-- Postcards will be showed on this website
!!! We will publish only your name and country of residence, unless you allow us to give more informations (street, city).
-- Postcards will be showed at the window of the Florence Cassez Steuncomitee
-- An exhibition will take place in Februari 2011 in Wervik, Belgium, at the
Sint-Janskapel 8940 Wervik.
-- Postcards will later be showed at various other events in support of Florence Cassez.


Florence Cassez Steuncomitee ˆ Wervik
Magdalenastraat 67
8940 Wervik